Your Home Inspection

WOW - we are on a roll today - this is our third post (and last of the day - promise!). Let's talk about "What to Expect From Your Home Inspection". You are making an investment when buying a home - or a rent house, whatever you are buying. It is best to have a professional who is professionally trained to know and understand the dynamics of a home and all its mechanics do this inspection for you. Typically this is a few hundred dollars based on the size of the home you are looking at buying. The inspection will give you a professional opinion of the condition of the home - and alert you to potential repair or replacement cost. The report from the home inspector also allows negotiation with the seller before you make final commitment to buy the home. Better to know before than after! Have a look at today's report for a little more information (And folks, to be honest - even if you are not buying or selling right now - but just living in your home, if it has been a few years since your home was inspected, it is not a bad idea to make that investment again to see what is going on and avoid surprises).