Medicare – notices. Example of HUGE Government WASTE

It is that time of year – people on Medicare receive books about next year’s coverage from the government. Then all the insurance companies print their books covering the Medicare coverage – advantage plans, etc. – over and over every year. The book from Uncle Sam is about 168 pages and there is something like 50 million* people on the roles. Conservatively guessing at a cost of $2 a book eliminating printed books could save around $100 million or so. Why not switch to all email (or just make the book available on line) – with an opt-IN for paper copies (maybe something like a fill in post card at the post office for those who actually want the paper copy – even an 800# call in to request a copy). First – most people have email – those that don’t probably won’t read the book anyway (sorry – reality). Human nature is such that we want to be spoon fed information. Second, most people probably do not read the entire book – if any of it at all. They may read a section that pertains to them. Third, folks can get help from family, library or other if there is a need to browse the book. Fourth, an email file or an online version of the book is searchable – paper is more cumbersome. The point is – there is no real NEED to print all the books. There is no need to cut all the trees to print the books, no need to create more landfills and so on. Time for the Government to get with COST SAVINGS – if they need to spend the money – spend it on people! *