Most of my home is now LED - an expensive 2 year project - and worth it. The lighting is great and so are the savings. As an example, the cans in the kitchen ceiling used to use 65 w or 75 w bulbs - now they are 13's (multiply that times 6 or 8) - and, sounds crazy, but the kitchen is actually brighter with the LED 13's! Then there is the front door. Used to run 40's out there - now it is 2.5's - you read that right 2.5 w. Been wanting to try a 3 way for a couple years now but I guess manufacturers were not ready. Finally June 2015 and done! The bulb is AMAZING - been using it a week now. My 30 - 70 - 100 has been replaced by 5 -9 - 20! The 3 WAY bulb has notches in it - a little different from the rest - not sure if that is a standard - here are a couple pictures of both the typical and the new 3 way. Also have the candelabra base at 3 w vs 40..... money well spent. If I move, the LED's are going with me! I also added a picture with two lamps on. The one on the right is the new LED, the one on the left is a regular incandescent.