200 Recipes


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From inside the first edition....

200 Recipes is a project that started about 2 years ago. Originally intended to be a charity fund raiser by the sale of hard cover copies, it is now an eBook and free to all. This is a collection of mom’s favorites, some of which go back to her grandmother or pretty close to 100 years old. We could not get to the 200 mark with only mom’s recipes, so thanks to the generosity of family, friends and friends of friends, we got it done. Thank you to all.

Inside the second edition....

The first edition of “200 Recipes” was published in December 2014. Our Editor in Chief for that project was Joy Bartay. Joy and I had planned a series of books to follow our first but sadly, Joy passed away in fall of last year. Joy and I were friends for about ten years and it was a great friendship from day one! She was a native Texan and me, being native Chicagoan, afforded us the opportunity to trade many stories.

I think it is only fitting to remember her with our “next in series” and with the permission of her husband, we are sharing some of Joy’s favorites. These recipes are from her family, friends at church and, being a military wife, from friends around the world.

When Joy worked on the first edition, she did the work herself. Perhaps you have heard the expression that some folks are irreplaceable or it takes three people to do the work of one. Joy was irreplaceable. In this edition, we have three co-editors. Yes indeed, it took that many to do what Joy did before!

Of course, those last comments were all in fun. Joy is probably looking down and laughing at us scrambling to get this project done. So, here is to someone it was a privilege to know – in her memory we give you “The Book of Joy”

We hpe that you find a recipe or two that you enjoy. Thanks for looking.  Al Cannistra